• 2012/12/6 11:26:16


    304/304L STAINLESS VALVESValves are manufactured in ASTM A182 304/304L forgings and ASTM A351 CF8/CF3 castings. Trim components can also be in UNS S30403 and AISI-SAE 304/304L. Welded end valves can be in 304 but 304L is often preferred due to the low…

  • 2012/12/5 22:56:56

    Flange Dimensions Table Types

    Metric sizes are stated as ‘DN’ (Nominal Diameter) in mm: as follows: -1/2"DN152 1/2"DN6510"DN25020"DN5003/4"DN203"DN8012"DN30024"DN6001"DN254"DN10014"DN35028"DN7001 1/4"DN325"DN1…

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